An abridged version of my life....

  Grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA.  Hitch-hiked to California two weeks after high school graduation. 
  Two months later the prodigal son returned to get a haircut in order to get a job in steel mill so that he could buy a guitar and attempt to become a rock and roll star.  Laid off four months later.  Attended college a year in Terre Haute Indiana in order to avoid living with parental units.
  Escape again to California (this time for good) in January '76.  Got a job as a busboy in a restaurant to kill time until I was a legal resident and could pay in-state tuition to attend film school at SF State.  '78 - dropped out of theory oriented program at State in order to take production oriented courses at City College (better equipment and easier access). 
   Dropped out entirely in 1979 (figuring screenwriting was what I really wanted to do and I didn't need a diploma for that).  Still working in the restaurant - head cook by then.  Started listening to KPFA and getting my consciousness raised, also getting into alternative philosphies (buddism and native american etc).
  Shared my job with a friend so that I could have more time to do things I wanted to do.
  One day, while exploring WWII bunkers at Fort Funston, I starting singing in its echoing chambers.  I did more of that.... and more, developing what has been referred to as "extended vocal techniques" and spent more and more time improvising.  Eventually hooked up with others doing the same sort of thing.
  1980 - I found KUSF (alternative/new wave) on the dial... and began listening thirty hours a week, winning free tickets to an average of two shows a week.  Saw so many bands, and not many of them very good, that I got the idea that I could do that.  Attemped to find a decent band to be a front for and began writing my own stuff using a Mattel toy drum machine to keep time.  Eventually, I bought my first computer (Apple IIe) to use as a sequencer for bass and syth parts (by then I had a better drum machine). 
  Recorded my first album on my own label in 1985.  It was well received at a few college stations but only sold about 300 copies through independent distributors.  I continued writing more songs.
  The restaurant closed down in '88 and I got a job working for the engineer/studio owner who worked on my first album - doing some engineering, computer support and sound effect work for films being produced at the studio, getting paid in studio time as I was soon to record material for a second album.  By the time I did go in to record I knew more about most of the studio's equipment than the owner/engineers and produced and engineered the project myself (except for laying down vocals - I needed to have a friend punch me in and out while I was in the vocal booth). 
  But alas, the demo tape of the best cuts attracted no major or minor label interest and the new wave sound and stations were on the decline so I didn't elect to put it out on my own label.
  I got a part time job as a teacher's aid in a severely handicapped class while I returned to State to get a BA in Clinical Psychology.  I completed a teacher's credential while waiting around to hear from psychology graduate schools - eventually not getting into any of the ones I applied to.  I continued on at State to get a Masters in Instructional Technology with an emphasis in multimedia development and interface design. 
  I'm currently working as a high school computer teacher at one of the best high schools in the country.  I'm still into music and film - currently working on two screenplays I started two summers ago.